Darfur Diaspora Association (DDA), is not for profits and non governmental organization. It found to form a more perfect union, to save succeeding generations from the scourge of conflict and natural disastrous which occurs in our lifetime, and brought untold sorrow to humankind, and to reaffirm confidence in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of all human beings, and to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from national law and other sources of international treaties can be maintained, and to promote social, cultural and economic progress and better standards of life based on human rights, peace, freedom, equality, prosperity, tolerance and live together with one another as good neighbors

Fund Raising

Donations: Donations can be made directly through our Bank Account: Bank Name: Royal Bank of Canada Address: 648 SPADINA AVE, TORONTO, ON M5S 2H7 Account: 05802 1009026 For donations made through direct deposit, we will mail the receipt after confirmation of the deposit Cheques can also be mailed to Darfur Diaspora Association. Please contact us first to get the mailing address We are planning to add secure transaction through the website in the near future. Past fund raising events: Over the years, we received donations from many sources. Many volunteers ran fund raising events and donated the fund to Darfur Diaspora Association. We included some of them in the list below Love Labour Movement In December 16, 2006, Darfur Diaspora Association received an invitation from the Love Labor Movement to attend a fund raising event at the town of Uxbridge. The event was held to raise money to support many of the programs run by Love Labour Movement in Africa. To mention a few, to free child soldiers in Uganda, to help programs in Malawi and to offer help to Darfur Refugees. The Love Labour Movement donated $1230.00 to Darfur Diaspora Association from the fund raised in that event. That money is now used to run a program at Kalma Camp for Internally displaced People of Darfur /Sudan. Kalma Camp is located at the outskirt of the city of Nyala in southern Darfur. Darfur Diaspora Association would to thank the Love Labour Movement for their effort to help the refugees of Darfur and special thanks to the people of Uxbridge Burlington Fundraisers for Darfur Burlington friends, Claire Eggers and Barbara Frensch, wanted to help the victims of the genocide so they organized Garage Sales in June 2005 & 2006 and with donations raised over $800 Besides raising funds to help the internally displaced survivors, they also raised public awareness of the horrific situation in Darfur by talking with the people at the sale and getting coverage in the local newspaper Barbara and Claire invited friends to a Potluck Picnic Fundraiser in July 2005 and raised $610 Calendar Sale In December 2005 Barbara Frensch went to the newspaper again to help her sell 2006 Darfur Calendars. Calendars were designed by Amanda Luoma from Sudbury and were also sold there as well as in Toronto by Darfur Diaspora Association. Over $2500 was raised from all calendar sales