Our long-term plan is rehabilitation, sustainable peace and development in the region. It is almost obvious that the ongoing conflict destroyed many villages and socio-economic infrastructures. We need to re-build these destroy villages and socio-economic infrastructures, and generate small business plans for the local people of these villages. It is also obvious that in underdeveloped countries child bearing is a heavy burden on the health and welfare of women. This is because they are never certain of the survival of any one child. So, if through our project we can cause family planning to take root among both sexes, we will have succeeded in lightening that burden considerably. We believe that more children surviving means less children needing to be brought into the world and thus freeing women from the never-ending cycle of childbearing. Risks and Alternative strategies: The only foreseeable major risk to the success of our project is that of the current regime-led military junta succeeding in taking control of the areas and its janjaweed groups.


1. To provide food, medicine and other necessities to persons that have been uprooted or affected by conflict and oppression in the Darfur and Sudan region.

2. To conduct research relating to the social services available and needed, to assist in post conflict settlement in the Darfur and Sudan region, and to disseminate the result of such research

3. To provide education, counseling and other support services for immigrants and refugees in need including employment training, job search programs and information programs on Canadian culture and life

4. To educate the public on the crisis in Darfur and the needs of Darfurians

5. To all such other things that are incidental and ancillary to achieving the above objectives.

Current Objectives

We are seeking moral and material support as part of an international co-operation to meet a very disturbing humanitarian situation that has arisen in Darfur-Western Sudan. We aim in a very positive way to co-operate with, support and complement international bodies with similar objectives. Response from the international community is coming but considering the hugeness of the situation any other help from any other source is vital and our knowledge of the REGION gives us an added advantage in directly targeting the areas of immediate needs.

goals and Results Projections

The overriding goal is to offer the peoples of these areas such services as would normally be available to them in times of peace. Such services would include food, primary health care at source, there being little or no chance of their coming to larger settlements due to the conflict being prosecuted upon them. As far as expected results are concerned, we would hope that our efforts would lead to clearly improved health for the peoples living under government control and the insurgent territories of the central, north, west and southern Darfur regions.

Target Areas

The situation is quite chaotic with most of the villages depopulated and their peoples dispersed to the four winds (north, south, west and central Darfur). It is, therefore, difficult at the present to give a coherent breakdown of the sex, age, and social status of the target groups. However, as far as the Internal Displaced camps breakdown of the target population is concerned we can identify our target areas as northern Darfur, western Darfur, central Darfur and southern Darfur As far as the target group exerting an influence on the conflict is concerned, we would wish to point out that we are in no way involved in taking sides. Our only desire is to render all possible humanitarian help to the innocent people caught up in the conflict. In this we will be working closely with all humanitarian organizations in the region and other NGOs to facilitate our movements in the region

Project Description

The Darfur Diaspora Association (DDA) will be in concert with the above-mentioned organizations, establish centres from where we shall reach out to the dispersed peoples in Darfur region. With the help of local organizations we will continue and expand our studies to establish what needs and resources are required, how many Internal displaced camps, villages, how many vaccines are needed, how many children are involved, how many trained people, injectors, and vehicles will be called-for...etc. We are planning train and equip vaccinators, who in their turn WILL train lower- level staff, thus easing the burden and speeding up the process. We will mount information campaigns to raise awareness on the benefits of public participation in peaceful group interaction. To accomplish these local committees will be of invaluable help in encouraging people to seek out centres. All this will create an atmosphere of awareness of participation, education, public health care and will be of long term benefit to the people of the region. In cases of severe injuries or emergencies such as for example maiming due to anti-personal mines, difficult pregnancies, hernias, bullet wounds etc, and the doctors will get directly involved. With regard to clean water and sanitation we will have to train volunteers from local communities to sink wells and build simple latrines. We also include family planning in our project using as far as possible families and especially women, elders, disabled people and youth to further this essential part of the project. As far as the division of roles is concerned, DDA will offer the medical know-how through its team of doctors and hopefully through the good offices of other organizations. The material required therefore, medical equipment, medical drugs, food and dehydration bags, etc. The local committees on the other hand will be responsible for the organization and mobilization of the population. As far as purchases are concerned, we would have to � on the assumption that we are given a grant compare prices offered by various actor tenders. We also have for example non-governmental charity organizations such as other NGOs around the world who operate on a non-profit basis. Then there are drug companies in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa who may well prove to be cheaper but may not be able to supply all the drugs and medicines required. Our aim is to start this project as quickly as we possibly can. It is after all a matter of life for millions of suffering people. Our goal is to leave behind us well-trained staff from the local population to carry on our work as well as a well-functioning organisational capability.